Inability to "save" custom range in slide on android app

When adjusting settings of a “slider” in the android app I can “enable” the custom range and set min/max value but cant SAVE the setting

Whilst on the slider topic - how about a manual entry option - either separate widget altogether or just an up/down option next to the figure for setting EXACT figures (or simply let us type it in). ie trying to set value of 100 on the slider with a range of 0-500 gives me 99 or 102…when i need 100!

I noticed that I couldn’t set my slider values unless I went into the Android app. Within the Android app- there is a “SAVE” button- on the very top right. :wink: Let me know how that works for ya!

No save button on mine…

ok - solved this one too - see image above
Nothing has been selected under “DATA” once those drop boxes have been configured the save button miraculously appears…DOH!

Trap for new players!

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if it was easy, eveyone would be doin’ it… :wink:

Hi @tim2,

I was going through some of the backlog of issues in the forum…my deepest apologies for not responding here earlier! Good news is that you found the workaround, thanks for posting how you got through the issue. Let me talk with the team and see if we can’t create a better experience here. :slight_smile: Like automatically showing the save button and displaying error text if you try to save the settings while a single field is not filled in.

See you around friend!


For anyone else reading this thread, I’ve added improvements to the slider widget to our Roadmap, in order to allow some sort of more granular control. Because @tim2 is correct, it’s very difficult to pick an exact value out of a slider with 200+ settings with a mouse alone!

yes - noticed its much easier now - thanks!

Replying to myself here to note that the new re-sizable widgets on the Web Dashboard have done a lot to alleviate this problem, though not in the way I anticipated back in November.

Basically, now that you can make a slider widget horizontally much longer (3 through 8 widget ‘units’ on the web dashboard), you should be able to find a width that allows for granular enough control that you can hit every number on your slider exactly with a mouse.