Disconnection with the server


Good morning:
I have installed two raspberrys model B for home climate control, one raspberry I use as a thermostat with a DS18B20 sensor and the other raspberry as a heating control with 2 units of relays. The system works correctly for a few days, and suddenly the two units are disconnected from the server (I understand that from devices.com) I do not know what the reason may be. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.!


Hi @mikandzeb,

Hmmm, can you describe what happened? It looks like the devices are still online. Data stopped populating the widgets?



now they are working correctly, when they disconnect from the server I will try to inform better.
A greeting.

I take this opportunity to comment on the following:
The operation of the system is as follows:
1.- Morning sequence: heating operation in a time slot, for example 09:00 to 13:00 and the temperature between 17 degrees and 18 degrees Celsius.
2.- Sequence in the afternoon: heating operation in a time slot, for example 16:00 until 22:30 and the temperature between 19.5 degrees and 20 degrees celsius.
The problem is that the temperature widget relay is always activated.

Now the triggers:



This is the problem that I was referring to a few days ago.