Error in browser

Raspberry 1. In cellular all working okay. At the moment. After reboot in night all my relays was switch ON ??)()/&%¤%# Cayenne working in my growbox. This is bad if relays switching ON in night.I do not want cook. I use China 5v relays. This is not all. In cellular IOS working, maybe all correct but in laptop browser ?=)(/&%#¤#¤/ NOT. Please check. I have 2 ds18b20 and i do not see these from web browser, Chrome,Firefox.
Im frustrated.Very.
Plese somebody fix this error

Hi @seston

As far as the relays coming on after a reboot, this sounds like an issue where a Pi’s GPIO pin state can’t be controlled by Cayenne while the machine is rebooting and our software isn’t even running.

Try adding a pull-down resistor to force the circuit to consistently default to a low value. See this thread where others have tackled a similar issue.

As far as the DS18B20s that you can see on iOS, but not the web, do you mind to share your login/password via private message so I can reproduce?


Login is my email and psw is , i write. I have and need 2 ds18b20 and connected is 4 relays. 1 not used and hidden. Fan,light and floor heating. From phone workn but not from comp with browser. Please check.

Thank you

Just updating this for anyone who may have been reading. It looks like this was a combination of the mobile > web sync issues that we’re working on resolving with a new scheme for syncing data between these platforms.

When you get a chance, take a look at your dashboard on the web, it should look better now (I used the Reset Dashboard function on it). If it’s not where you were expecting please let me know (either here or in PM, up to you).

Relays is good looks. Works. But 2 thermometers in web not. Please check these too.
Mobile and web sync not working.Yes. Not working.

Oh no. All was ok but if i say this… I do not want say ( many bad words)

Hi again,

When I look at your account today I’m seeing updating data from both of your temperature sensors:

I apologize if I’m missing it, what is the current issue with these 2 widgets?

Widgets working. I creating in cellular trigger and this not sync in web. This is problem. 1 question, small. If i create trigger by temperature smallest step is 0,5 degree. Why ? Why not 0,1 degree C ? For floor heating is good 0,2 degrees C.