Display a sensor as line chart and as a gauge

Hi All,

I am new to Cayenne (and too much experience with traditional SCADA)

I would like to display Humidity in multiple ways on my dashboard but I am limited to one display method (value, gauge, chart)

Is there a way to allow multiple values simultaneously?

I am averse modifying my JSON data from the TTN
to replicate the HUMIDITY tag to 3 separate tags H_VAL, H-CHART, H_GUAGE just to get it to display, multiple ways.

Thanks in Adv. for assistance…

Hello Energy.dch!

To view the same value multiple times it is necessary to have your IoT device send the data to a separate virtual channel for each display method you want to utilize.

I tried to do the same thing without using multiple channels and was eventually told that while it would result in less traffic for the IoT device and Cayenne, Cayenne is not currently setup to allow channel sharing.


Thanks MBfromOK
That clears things up.