Multi Sensor in the same Chart


Hi ,
the idea is the possibility to display on the same Chart Widget, many sensors , like :

  • Temperature + Humidity + pressur
  • Voltage + Aperage + Watt
  • Temperature Kitchen + Temp Bedroom1 + Temp Bedroom2 + …

We could press a “+ sensor button” on the widget settings for add the new curve :slight_smile:


Hi @samarchri,

It’s a good suggestion, and one we’ve heard a few times in the past. We do have a new Line Chart widget in development that allows things like panning and zooming around the data more smoothly, and while this feature may not appear in the first version of that new widget, it will likely come some time after that is released.


Because i’ve seen this picture, i want it lol

Good news, i like your working hard … wait and see :wink:


Hah very nice catch. The one in that image may be a bit of a Photoshop more than anything we actually have in development, but it stands to reason that when we get to this feature it will have a similar look if not exactly the same.


How’s this feature coming along? I’m excited to use it!


It’s long to wait !