Does Cayenne support the new "stretch" version of Linux for the Pi


While trying to set up Cayenne on my new Pi, I went to the Raspberry Org site and realized that the Jessie version seemed to be no longer available. When I posted on their Community board, I was told that they now offer a version of the OS called “stretch” and it was not clear if they woulld be continuing support of Jessie. My question then is will Cayenne certifiy that it will work with the “Stretch” OS and in any event would it be prudent to stay on Jessie till they do support “Stretch” ?


         Jerry Hoffman


Good question! I have not had time to install Stretch and test myself, to be honest. We have been keeping up to date w/ the new Raspbian releases, so we will eventually ‘officially’ support Stretch. However, until we can do some end to end testing on the stability of Cayenne and Stretch, I can’t say that we would officially support it (yet).

With that said, try it out and let us know if there are any issues :wink: If there are issues, then yes, would need to stick with Jessie for time being until we have bandwidth to provide support for Stretch.



I also have not had time to install Stretch to test, but I would assume it ships with the new kernel and so it will not work until the new agent is released.


Do we have an expected release date for said new agent?