Cannot get Downlink on Actility Network Server

With our latest LORA custom board, we receive all uplinks properly, however when we toggle a digital output widget in our dashboard to trigger a downlink, we do not receive any data on the Actility Network server side. Does anyone has a clue of the problem?

we have similar issue reported by user using actility NS. With Actility, we expect the user to setup the server to use, user and password, without doing any check on it as per requested by Actility. So… if the user fails here, the downlink fails as well.

Do you mean if the username and password is incorrect, the downlink will fail? Anyway, we have checked multiple times, all credentials are valid.

we implies that the user has to handle the downlink message at the NS. With TTN, we have downlink URL and token as part of each UplinkMessage, make it for downlink to work out the box.