Download the all data with GPS, RSSi, SNR and temperature into a single file

Dear Developers,

I am using Adeunis Rf field test device.
it working fine, dashboard looks good.
I need a help, how can i download all the output data including gps coordinates, RSSI, SNR, temperature into a single file.
If it is possible, how can i do it? It would be a great helpful for me.

Thank you

Hi @ra1,

If you click the ‘Details and Chart’ icon in the upper right of each widget, you’ll be able to download a .csv file of the specified chart range for each individual widget. Right now there is no way to do this en masse for a group of/all widgets on your dashboard, so you’d have to use something like Excel or another tool to combine the .csv files.

It’s a good idea though, especially as users are building larger projects and dashboards in the product. I’ll discuss it with our product team for future inclusion in Cayenne.

i can see the ‘Details and Chart’ on all the widgets, Except for GPS.
Can you please check on That