Export data


I was wondering if it’s possible to export the data into a csv file?
Specifically interested in the GPS data.


For most of our sensor widgets, yes this is an option but it’s not yet implemented for the GPS widget, my apologies.

I will add your feature request to our Cayenne product roadmap. If anyone else is looking for this feature and finds this thread, post your support here as we’re determining priority for many of these issues from user demand!

Yep, this is coming :slight_smile:


Awesome! really looking forward to it.

Any idea on timescales? xmas present? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe New Years present :wink:

No doubt it is coming soon!


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Happy new year! I know you guys are working on this. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:
Is this coming in the next release? :smiley:

@bestes any updates on this? would be good to know if this will be implemented soon?

Hi @shiv!

Good to see you again. We are still working on enhancing ability to download and export data from Cayenne dashboard. We are refactoring some of backend architecture so after we finish then we will be able to release the work we have done regarding this feature. To give you sneak peak, I attached screenshot below :slight_smile: Hang in there, I promise we are developing the features the Cayenne community is asking for!




“promise” promise? :slight_smile: