Drag and Drop does not work in Edge browser

As just mentioned in the online meet-up, Cayenne does not currently support new Edge browser in Windows10. However everything looks working, except drag-and-drop when creating a new trigger. I cannot select the device for the IF, as I can drag the Device into that area. The suggestion is to have a drop-down list (like when adding the sensors) to select the device for IF. And possibly, in general, adding the drop-down selection wherever the user could drag and drop would make Cayenne more… browser-agnostic?!

I have the same problem on Windows 7 / Chrome

Hi, @harunsivasli. Welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Are you dragging the parent-level device (like the Pi or Arduino itself – not the sensors connected to it) into the ‘IF’ box on your Win7/Chrome setup? That should work. Once you drag it in, you can pick from each of the attached sensors/actuators in a drop down menu.

We do plan to allow you to drag the sensors and actuators directly in a future update.

Also, for anyone who finds this thread based on it’s title – we should be supporting the Edge Browser on Win10 OK now. The original post was from more than a year ago. Let me know if you run into any trouble with it.

Thank you, it works now