LGT-92 GPS Tracker no work


i have buyed a Dragino GPS Tracker.
Already i have put a new device on cayenne and choose LGT-92 and wrote the right DEVEUI.
Then i turn it on and the LED blinks green.
I have no gateway by myself. I want to use a free public Gateway.
I cant see the tracker in the Map or list.

Whats happend with tracker or Cayenne? Where is the mistake?
Thanks for your help.

Have you added the cayenne integration in the TTN console Cayenne Docs

No i havent added, now i have added the tracker.
But still no tracking availibe.

Also i have enabeld “join external Server”

Have you added the cayenne integration? Are you receiving data in the live data tab?

I have add the cayenne integration. But no data availible.