Tracking Dragino LGT-92 V1.5

I am a new user, but managed to get the LGT-92 Tracker to Cayenne. Data is arriving and I can see GPS coordinates. But, nothing apperas in the map and I can see no tracking. What else do I have to configure to see tracking data ?

can you share a screenshot, it should a blue position indicator and green previous positions.

Thank you, I changed the Dragino decoder file for the other (longer) one for Version 1.5 and now it works.

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One more remark for the Dragino: with the old 1.5 file I didn’t get the expecting data frequency, but after updating the tracker to V 1.6 it works as expected. If you see any strange behavior please consider an update. There is one important info missing in the manual for the updating procedure:
Make the connection and after establishing it, click on CANCEL. Than you can upload the file. If you click on OK the connection is lost again and you can do nothing. It took me some mails and time to figure that out. :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing it.