Dragino RS485-LN-EU868

I have configured in Helium and managed to receive data through a public hotpot of the RS485-LN<->LoRaWan converter to which I have connected a sensor that communicates through a Modbus RTU (RS485).
For this moment sensor I have only selected that it transmits the “Temperature” parameter, which is 2 bytes of type Int16 (with sign), scale Out=In/10 and range [-100ºC to 500ºC].

In “Cayenne” I have selected this LoRaWan device from Dragino (RS485-LN) and in Helium I have it linked, so that each Helium “UpLink” registers that “Cayenne” receives it.

Since I only have this Dragino device, how do I configure “Cayenne” so that it correctly interprets the sensor data and sees its graph?

If you are using your own device and sending a custom device then it needs to be in cayenne LPP format and add the device as cayenne lpp in the dashboard.