Dragino LTC2 TTN to Cayenne

Hi Everyone,
Firstly to say great work and effort to everyone creating this Cayenne application!
I’m connecting my Dragino LTC2 Temperature transmitter to TTN, and then trying to display the data on Cayenne.
The Temperature data is updating on TTN, but on Cayenne is just kept showing “Waiting for live data…”.
The Device EUI is A840414CD18397C8. Below the payload seen at TTN.
Payload:{ BatV: 3.69, Ext: 1, Systimestamp: 1611884407, Temp_Channel1: 24.94
Payload:{ BatV: 3.693, Ext: 1, Systimestamp: 1611883207, Temp_Channel1: 24.79
Payload:{ BatV: 3.692, Ext: 1, Systimestamp: 1611882007, Temp_Channel1: 24.72

Kindly need any advice regarding this matter and thank you very much for your time and support!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve changed the device payload uplink and downlink format in the TTN to CayenneLPP, and TTN still can get temperature reading from the Dragino LTC2 end device, but still the device in Cayenne still showing “Waiting for live data…”.
Any advice will be really appreciated. Thank you very much!

I’ll try to set the device in Cayenne as TTN with CayenneLPP device and see how.

Hm… Still not data update on Cayenne…

can you share a screenshot of your cayenne device dashboard

Thanks for your reply!
I’m not sure if I upload the pictures correctly here.

This is my try using CayenneLPP at Cayenne and TTN payload format.

on your cayenne dashboard, top right corner below device name CayenneLPP the network is selected as Ackilo which is the issue here.
You need to delete the device and re-add it with TTN network.

Add Device --> Lora ---> First select the network TTN --->
then search for the device Dragino LTC2

Ok will work on that.

Sorry I think I did that the first time before changing to CayenneLPP.
But nevermind I’ll do it again. Thanks!

I’ve set back the Dragino LTC2 TTN to Cayenne but still the same outcome whereby the Cayenne screen shows “Waiting for live data…”
Below the screen capture showing TTN getting the data, TTN payload format in CayenneLPP, Cayenne set with TTN Dragino LTC2, Cayenne data screen showing “Waiting for live data…”.
Thank you very much for your time and support on further advice.

have you added the cayenne integration?

I found the cayenne doc to add the integration to TTN v3 webhook.
Then I remove the device in Cayenne and add it again. Same thing TTN can get the Dragino LTC2 data, but Cayenne still shows “Waiting for live data…”.
Below the pics of the setting in TTN device payload format and webhook, and Cayenne screen.
Very much appreciate your time and advice!

Btw my TTN v3 Dragino LTC2 device downlink payload format is also set to CayenneLPP.

logs are showing data for this device

[{"channel":505,"type":"voltage","unit":"v","value":3.689,"name":"Battery Voltage"},{"channel":5,"type":"batt","unit":"p","value":100,"name":"Battery"},{"channel":501,"type":"temp","unit":"c","value":26.09,"name":"Temperature 1"},{"channel":502,"type":"temp","unit":"c","value":-327.67,"name":"Temperature 2"}]}

Sorry sir I was just able to look back into this test as was away few days back due to work.
Yes our Cayenne is getting the LTC2 reading from TTN.
Thank you very much!
Basically the below was done, incase anyone will refer to this.

  1. Setup Dragino LTC2 and LoRaWAN Gateway device in TTN.
  2. Ensure you can see the gateway and application updating to TTN.
  3. Then at TTN set the LTC2 payload formatter uplink and downlink to CayenneLPP.
  4. Then at TTN Integrations–>Webhooks add the Cayenne device
  5. Then at Cayenne, add new device using LoRa → TTN → Dragino LTC2

Thanks alot!