Dragino Tracker: less data in Cayenne, why?

Up to some days ago the Cayenne map displayed the position data of a Dragino tracker. When clicking on the point, information was displayed, showing date, time and signal strength. Now that feature has disappeared and no clicking on the point is possible anymore. I wonder why this cool feature was removed ?

i didn’t receive any data from my tracker. Which you’re using? LGT92?


@joerg you can try to delete the map widget and let it add on the next uplink. though this will delete all the previous data so you may need to have a backup of the data.

@valbuz can you private message me your DevEUI

After switching Gateway and LGT to V3 strange things happen on Cayenne. Data like battery or SSID appear, but the position only appears, if I am logged in and looking at the map. If not, no data is stored and after logging out of Cayenne all positioning is lost. Deleting and adding the device doesn’t help at all.