Dragino GPS Tracker LGT-92 v1.4

I have a Dragino GPS Tracker LGT-92 v1.4 that is reporting correctly every time to The Things Network. However, it does not display on y Cayenne Website. The following message appears on the Overview page of my Cayenne site: “Your dashboard appears when Cayenne receives data from this device. Set up your device to transmit more frequently to speed up the process.”

Does anyone know what I need to do to get the Tracker to display locations on the Cayenne Website?

Sir, it looks like you have not selected the things network server. can you delete the device and add a new one. add new ---> device/widget ---> lora ----> the things network ---> dragino GPS

I removed the Dragino GPS and then added it again. Same result.

can you private message me the DevEUI.