Duplicated channels

On my overview window i find duplicated channes and other widgets, not active. Can i delete these widgets, not apparing on the right?

Hi @lopanta,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?
What type of device is it?

Best way to remove them is to delete the device & readd it. You may need to reflash the sketch, if you’re using BYOT or Arduino MQTT, as you’ll have new credentials for the new device.


yes I delete the device and I rebuild it. I think the problem is when you add or modify widgets either whith browser either with app on cellular

Same over here. Arduino MEGA connected via serial USB - raspberry.

Channels start showing up twice and are impossible to be removed

Hi @miel.hostens,

Which widgets are you using that is causing duplicates to appear?
Can you describe the steps you’re taking to cause duplicates to appear?


Eg, after pressing dashboard reset all channels are readded automatically and unable to be deleted