Error PCA9685

I have a problem:
I had the PCA9685 connected.
I disconnected the card and it does not work anymore.
The links are right.
What can it be ?

Please fix the following errors:
Failed to add the sensor, please re-check your settings. Make sure you selected the correct Channel/Slave Address.

Does it show up in the Extensions list for your Raspberry Pi still? I’m thinking perhaps the issue could be that it’s already been added and you’re trying to put another one on top of it.

If it does, we’re missing an option to remove extensions in the Cayenne UI at this time, but you can remove it manually if you’re comfortable editing JSON by removing it from the /etc/webiopi/devices.json file. You’d be looking for an entry similar to this:

{"description": "PCA9685", "origin": "rest", "args": {"board": "0"}, "type": ["PWM"], "device": "PCA9685", "name": "sMDwosLKrIIuEzvu", "status": 1, "install_date": 1510628342}

(yours will vary a little bit from what I just posted there, so if you’re not 100% sure, feel free to post the output from cat /etc/webiopi/devices.json and I’ll highlight what to delete.)

If you’re interested in editing that file, you could alternatively remove and re-add the entire Raspberry Pi entry as this will give you a fresh slate.

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ok man ,perfect.
I solved the problem. Thanks

For other users
The file is protected.
I used the following command
sudo chmod 777 devices.json

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