ESP IoT Outlet

a simple switchable outlet running Cayenne on a ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini clone) with a 1x relay shield. I’m in the process of printing a clear outlet cover so you can see the blue & red LEDs shine thru faintly. Going to add a push button on the next version for manual control I think.


What power supply is that? Would be perfect for some of the projects I have in my head.

This is the actual one I used:

But I would recommend this one, plus you don’t have to wait a month:

ESHION® AC / DC 85~240V TO 5V/1.2A Isolated Switching Power Supply

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Why don’t you just mount the LED’s on the plate?

Its just the build in LEDs that are lit up. A external one would be nice looking. I make a setup similar for my brothers irrigation system where I have a small green led on the faceplate to indicate if its online or not.