Simple IoT Power Outlet using ESP8266 and Cayenne


About This Project

Hi, I’m newbie to programming and this is my simple project to create smart switch (power outlet) for the bulb using ESP8266 as standalone with a little modification.
I’m sorry for my bad english. I’m Indonesian.
I didn’t expect that ESP8266 could work with Cayenne. Love that :heart_eyes:
I choose ESP as main unit because it’s realy cheap, only need one GPIO, and the size is very small that fit to my ex timer case. :smiley:

What’s Connected

ESP8266 ESP12-F
1 Channel Relay Module
5V to 3.3V Converter
5V Power Supply

Triggers & Alerts

I used an alert send sms when the light is on.


Not used schedule

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

I’m sorry for bad layout, will try to fix it

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Cool project! I’m curious what are you using in there for the DC converter, have a link to it?


Thank you.
Which one sir for DC Converter? From AC power to DC or from DC 5V to 3.3V?


AC to DC


I’m using ex. cell phone travel charger.
But there is many power supply schematic on the internet.:grin:


I’ve been looking at these: They have an ESP8266 in them, so in theory could be programed to do something similar (there are headers internally to connect to the serial port). Not done it yet, but always curious if others have managed to!


Hi Adam

I’m going to try one of these in my next project,

I will let you guy’s know how I get on with it



could we have a copy of the code uploaded to the ESP8266


Basic code for ESP8266.

Cayenne-ESP8266.txt (573 Bytes)


Hi Trentd

only the s20 with the round button can be hacked, avoid the one with the shield button


Thanks for sharing ,Can you please share your arduino code here ?
Simple IoT Power Outlet using ESP8266 and Cayenne ( I need a code file , i want to make it for sure)