ESP8266, Dallas DS18b20 temp and Analog Photocell


About This Project

a start to finish build of an array of sensors and relay to show the basic workings of how to integrate using Cayenne

What’s Connected

Light Sensor ADC Photocell, relay and a Dallas DS18b20

Triggers & Alerts

not yet, but could be used for an alarm system build


Not yet.


here is the complete video of the build from start to finish.


sorry about that…


im almost sure every maker has a box that is similar to what we have.:grin: glad i could make you laugh about it.


looks like a promising power regulator IC! i use just the 5V HLK PS and then down-regulate using 1117 220 form factor type IC or the surface mounted 1117’s. for what i am doing, i dont require that much power. also, if i do use the 3.3V PS, i cannot use external controlled devices that require 5VDC


Hi @ross.kopp,

This is a cool video! Love how deep you get. I’ll get this featured on our forum home page, this will be great for our ESP users to view.

I bet you and @Bill could talk for a few hours about the ESP boards :grin:



It’s also worth mentioning that we are planning to natively support the ESP family like we do with Arduino. This will hopefully ease a lot of the pain with getting these boards connected and working with various sensors! We’ll see :slight_smile: