ESP8266, Dallas DS18b20 temp and Analog Photocell

About This Project

a start to finish build of an array of sensors and relay to show the basic workings of how to integrate using Cayenne

What’s Connected

Light Sensor ADC Photocell, relay and a Dallas DS18b20

Triggers & Alerts

not yet, but could be used for an alarm system build


Not yet.


here is the complete video of the build from start to finish.

sorry about that…

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im almost sure every maker has a box that is similar to what we have.:grin: glad i could make you laugh about it.

looks like a promising power regulator IC! i use just the 5V HLK PS and then down-regulate using 1117 220 form factor type IC or the surface mounted 1117’s. for what i am doing, i dont require that much power. also, if i do use the 3.3V PS, i cannot use external controlled devices that require 5VDC

Hi @ross.kopp,

This is a cool video! Love how deep you get. I’ll get this featured on our forum home page, this will be great for our ESP users to view.

I bet you and @Bill could talk for a few hours about the ESP boards :grin:


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It’s also worth mentioning that we are planning to natively support the ESP family like we do with Arduino. This will hopefully ease a lot of the pain with getting these boards connected and working with various sensors! We’ll see :slight_smile:


is there any update for this DS18B20 code to work in 2022 …???

the token don’t works anymore this way in this code with cayenne authentications…

// Cayenne authentication token. This should be obtained from the Cayenne Dashboard.
char token = “xxxxxxx”;
// Your network name and password.
char ssid = “xxxxxxx”;
char password = “xxxxxxx”;

you can find the code here GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino: Cayenne MQTT Arduino Library

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thank you so much shramik !!!