ESP8266 Connection in Cayenne!

I’m posting this video on behalf of @ross.kopp :slight_smile: Way to go Ross!

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so havent had much luck with any type of variable sensor with the 8266 yet… the photosensor does not work directly and needs programming done for the ADC pin to interface with Cayenne and the DALLAS ES18B20 sensor also does not work like i hoped it would. so far the ESP8266 is good for digital I/O. i will be working on some code in the near future.


Keep us updated with your progress. I’d be interested to see how you got the photosensor working and any other sensors you were able to visualize.


How is the Esp12-e integration goin?
Okay, I’m about ready…
So- what do I need to do to make my Esp12-e work with Cayenne.
I have serial connectivity,
I downloaded and installed Arduino IDE on my desktop 'puter,
and installed the Esp8266 library…

WHAT particular driver works? NodeMCU 1.0 Esp12-e?
Generic Esp8266 module?
…a little help here, please-
I’m thinking the generic ESP8266 driver…

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Here’s a good tutorial Quick Start to Nodemcu (ESP8266) on Arduino IDE : 3 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Once you get the IDE working you can get it connected to Cayenne using the info in this thread Esp8266 - #20 by kreggly

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its been a while since i posted in the forum due to real world work. so since my last posting, i have been making like a mad man! I have designed different PCBs to accomodate the 12F boards and have figured out the ADC mystery for LUX measurement. i will be posting a YouTube video soon to show the results from initial hardware build to software configuration.

more to follow shortly…

Kewl. Let me know how that goes.
I’ve been trying to interface an MCP3208 A/D to an Esp8266 and Cayenne.
…no joy YET.

new video posted outlining the full process for he ESP8266 integration into Cayenne.