ESP8266 Getting Started Feedback

I am trying to use Cayenne for the first time. I am using an ESP8266 so I started with this webpage: ESP8266
But I have found this very confusing so far. I believe I am an average Arduino user and I wanted to let you know about this so it might be improved. So here goes:

  1. The example sketch on the tutorial webpage is different from the example in the Cayenne library ESP8266 folder (ESP8266.ino)
  2. The next part is “TMP36 Temperature Sensor” but then proceeds to set up a button that controls an led. ?
  3. The settings shown to be made for the led are very different from the settings shown on the dashboard. In addition there is a “step 1” that says “code” that must be executed before proceeding but that is not mentioned in the tutorial.
  4. The note about combining the sketch differences is very confusing and I don’t know what to do here at all.
  5. Now it says to push the button to toggle the led but I am lost before this.
  6. The next part that begins “In the Cayenne dashboard, you can now click the Step 2: Add Sensor button…” I don’t see “step 2” anywhere.
  7. The picture of the dashboard no longer shows the LED widget that was added?
  8. Now there’s a section on Actuators, and you’re adding a led again, but it’s an actuator instead of a sensor?
  9. After this section there is a picture of the dashboard but it doesn’t look right it’s completely different with different widgets on it.
  10. The troubleshooting section discussing Ethernet connections which are not for the ESP8266.

In general I am very confused with the system and find it difficult to proceed. I have used Blynk previously and found it simple to set up and use. I believe Caynenne is similar, but the intro tutorial is very confusing for me.

have a look at this tutorial for adding a esp8266 development board like nodemcu or wemos Adding a New Device using MQTT