Temperature bug on Web interface

The device used is a PI 3

Web interface using Firefox on Mac

I am using DS18B20 temperature sensors.

When I configure the devise for Celsius on either the Value or Guage options the readout remains in Fahrenheit however the legend reads Celsius.

When I select the Graph option all seems fine.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same issue?

I must add that these appear correctly on the iOS app.

This is a known issue. The Cayenne team is working on a bunch of bug fixes right now, so hopefully this one makes it in the next patch.

I’m… less sure if this is the same issue. The one I’d seen was with Arduino where we offer options like VirtualWrite() vs CelsiusWrite() vs FarenheitWrite() . I might be confused though @adam, if you have any other links to what’s described here.

At any rate, I have a DS18B20 / Pi setup where it doesn’t reproduce, I can set the widget to all 3 types and it converts OK.

@edman are the DS18B20s hooked up to GPIO4 where Cayenne autodetected them and created the widgets for you, or did you create them yourself?

They auto created on there yes, I have two of them on the Pi. It works fine on the app where I can change it, so I assume the issue must be in the Web front end.

No, you are right. Was thinking of Arduino.