Failed to access sensor/actuators for Raspberry Pi

Hello, as seen in tutorial for raspberry pi 3, i tried it but its showing failed to connect, i could not find any solution, please solve this error.

can you share a screenshot of the same and which sensor are you trying to add?

actually sir, problem is when i make widget more than 1 its showing that problem for all another sensor or actuators in that widget.

may be this is problem we cannot connect sensors or actuators more than 1 in Cayenne dashboard. Is it right?

you can connect more than 1 sensor in the cayenne dashboard.
can you provide more details on what sensor you are using and a screenshot of the dashboard with this error.
Also what are the steps you take which gives you this error, so i can try and reproduce at my end.

Hello sir, well thank you so much for your response, now both function is working together. And i was working with Led, Motion sensor, BMP180 sensor.

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