Trouble connecting rasberry pi, sensors and ADC

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    Pi3 32GB B+

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    web on windows 10

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    cant connect rpi to dashboard/cayenne, it will not update any of the dashboard items then when I try to connect the sensors and ADC i am using it will ‘session time out’ for sensors and the ADC wont let me choose device and connect.

I have been following the instructional on Pi My life up

@MicU5 are you familiar with python?

I am, I saw how you can use MQTT to connect but I was hoping to do without code as I will be only one using it that knows code.

can you share the log tail -f /var/log/myDevices/cayenne.log

that -3 error is “Temporary failure in name resolution” which suggests a possible problem with your DNS server. you might try pinging and see if that works. If not you need to fix their DNS settings. If it does work you could try nslookup of and see if it’s just our server you are having issues with.

So pinging google and bing gives me a request timed out but pinging the RPi is successful. My next step is to fix my computer’s DNS server then and the issue is getting from my computer+rpi to cayenne dashboard?

solved, issue with company firewall i am under. Thank you for pointing me in right direction.

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Glad to hear it is working now.
I hope you have also got the adc connected to pi using the plugin.