Failed to install Python 3.5.3


HI! i recently bought a raspberry pi 3 B+ and wanted to install the cayenne software. It all came well until the installation of Python 3.5.3, moment when there is a failure to install it. From that point in software components for undetermined time, not installing anything.
Hope there is a solution!


I would like to add that it is conected through a cable to the internet and that a 2.0A power suply is used.


What is the error?


Hi, it stops at python 3.5.3 and says failure


had you done sudo apt-get update and upgrade ??


Yes! i have done it several times!


Try a new a fresh install of latest raspbian , then do update and upgrade and then install cayenne . @adam any idea about this issue…


We’ll need the error message you are seeing. As a guess, try installing Python 3 with sudo apt-get install python3


i’ll try to install a fresh raspbian and i;ll let you all know if the error dessapears! thanks for your help


It will work on Stretch Lite, but if you want an easy install Stretch Full is a better option. Lite requires some manual package installs which you can find by searching the community.


I have the same issue:

Installed /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/jsonpickle-0.9.6-py3.5.egg
Searching for iwlib
Best match: iwlib 1.5
Processing iwlib-1.5.tar.gz
Writing /tmp/easy_install-v3plkfc5/iwlib-1.5/setup.cfg
Running iwlib-1.5/ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-v3plkfc5/iwlib-1.5/egg-dist-tmp-ksc24arh
Mon May 28 09:51:32 MDT 2018 Build for Python 3.5.3 failed

I am running Raspbian Stretch on RPi 3 B with a PiDrive.


did you try sudo apt-get install python3


Yes, installed Python 3 right after my initial setup (running Home Assistant on this Pi as well).


can you try with a new fresh raspbian installed.


I could, but that would wipe out all of my existing applications, data and work up to this point. This isn’t an exercise in “can it be installed,” but rather “can I add value to what I am already doing.” Even if successful with a clean raspbian install, it doesn’t help me. If that’s the only way to solve installation issues, I can’t use Cayenne.


it is recommended to start with fresh raspbian as the previous files may be interfering. i will put forward this to team and find a solution,


Hello, me also have the same issue, I did everything is written several times, but the result is still same. I reinstall OS 3 times doing updates and upgrades, and also separately installing python, but no any changes. I`m confused.


which OS version are you using and can you paste the error you are getting while doing installation.


OS - 2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch

during installation:
python 3.5.3 failure


sudo apt-get install python3 did you try this?