Failed to install Python 3.5.3


triggers are working fine, did a quick test on it right now.

is your two state widget changing value? can you try some debug trigger. add a button to a pi and then add a trigger to this button.


This is what i get when i try to create a new trigger


And yes it changes the state between 0 and 1 but the trigger is never executed.


as you are running the trigger on agent 1.0. it might be causing it to not work.


That’s why i wrote before “i think it was a mistake to stop the agent 1 without giving the possibility to correctly upgrade to version 2”. In the end i just got empty hands, and not all my devices here were for testing.

Thanks for your help.


@jburhenn will help you with this and you will have agent 2.0 installed.


@sergio.agostinho It seems like there could be some issue with pip or your connection to the pypi server. Maybe you network is blocking connections with

Can you try running pip3 --version and sudo pip3 -v install iwlib and post the output? You might also try sudo pip3 install -v -i iwlib and see if that works.


According with the trace route result below it gets blocked in the middle of it’s way, but it’s nto in my internet provider (telepac)
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

4 ( 8.728 ms 8.745 ms 8.614 ms
5 ( 8.961 ms 11.925 ms 10.825 ms
6 ( 46.151 ms 47.302 ms 47.740 ms
7 ( 45.025 ms 46.134 ms 45.449 ms
8 * * *
9 * * *

Python build failed when trying to install Cayenne

That might be it. What output does sudo pip3 -v install iwlib and sudo pip3 install -v -i iwlib show?


You can find the requested log in the attached text file.
Log.txt (5.3 KB)
I need to run some more tests, and probably ask support on this to my internet provider, even on my PC i can only access, using 3 different browsers, if i do it via vpn.


Strange. If it works via VPN that suggests it could be something in the middle causing issues.

Kind of a long shot, but I guess you could also try updating openssl (sudo apt-get install openssl), pyopenssl (sudo pip3 install pyopenssl) and requests (sudo pip3 install requests`) though those pip3 commands might not work because of this issue.


After connect this pi with another network using a mobile hotspot i got it working, the install when quite well then.
So, we can assume that something is blocking in my local network, and i need to clarify that with the internet provider.

Thanks again for all your support on this.



nice to hear it is working now. if you have any further problem with pi agent, feel free to ask.


Great! Glad to hear you got it working.


i have same erorr
after 30 min or more show ths to me:
Thu Sep 13 11:30:46 EDT 2018 Build for Python 3.5.3 failed
and i update and upgrad libs and install python 3.5
i dont know what to do:////
my resbian os d full version


What have you tried to fix it? Anything in this thread?