Finding a WiFi Arduino on the network

Interesting thread on the ESP8266 forum, @bestes & @rsiegel

Could be used similarily to how RPis are detected on the network.



Very timely post Mr. Kreggly!

I’ve been researching how to do this for the newer Arduino’s (Yun, Yun Mini, Uno WiFi, Otto) which have the built-in Wi-Fi functionality and act as access point.

Think about this… if Arduino’s and ESP’s shipped with a pre-loaded ‘Cayenne sketch file’, so when a user opened it up out of package and plugged into power, Cayenne could discover the device on the network, and connect it to the users account right away without new code needing to be flashed on it.

That would be amazing and would give people that immediate gratification for pretty near free.

Then as Cayenne “wears well as one’s experience with it grows”, they can customize sketches.

All good stuff!

(and yes, I just quoted K&R and the Mole Sisters in the same post. Don’t judge me)

Who are K&R and the Mole Sisters?
Don’t judge me.


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