First device setup in Cayenne app

Good afternoon, I’ve just started adding in TTN stack Cayenne as payload formatter in my application.
I’ve got uplink from my device and I added the device in the cayenne app ( l’ora network and browan object locator) but no dashboard is visibile. When I’m trying to add my device to the project, it is not seen in the existing tab, event if I created it and put the device eui.
Can anyone help me?

I found that the app is not working, but the i see the data in the mobile.

from where did you download and install the cayenne app?

Apk is not in the play store. More over i have this issue in my mobile. The windows don’t suit my mobile

Because the dashboard is not supported on a mobile browser.

How can I solv it, if I want to see a dozen of sensor data?

You can have a look at commercial platform

Finally I got the data in the mobile app, the only widget not updated is the position in the map: in the web app is updated, in the mobile app not! Below is the image of mobile app. IMG_20210913_221602|250x500