GPS map

Good Morning.
I have a GPS tracker: do You know why in the web site the location is updated correctly, but in the Cayenne app not?
Thank you

Cayenne mobile app is discontinued and no longer supported.

Ok thank you.
On mobile web app how can I Improve visualization?
Below is what I see:

I have already mentioned you that the cayenne dashboard is not supported in the mobile.

So there is not way to see data on a mobile phone, but only on PC?

if on android mobile then the only option to view it in Desktop Mode

Ok, thank you.
If I would personalize incoming data from the sensor, that is, for anche object location, latitude and longitude by seeing numbers, or other data present in the uplink message, is this possible by maintain Cayenne as payload?

Not sure i understood it.

Sorry, you’re right, I didn’t understand myself.
In ttn i pu Cayenne as integration payload formatter.
If I use JavaScript I can get sensor data for example latitude and longitude as a value.
By using Cayenne could I get latitude and longitude as well or use a Mqtt broker to see the data in an Mqtt broker client?