Why my dashboard's cayenne doesn't work?

hello guys,
From the link above I’m trying to do a monitoring experiment using an LGT92 device with a RAK7243 gateway. I use The Things Network (TTN) network server as a database and the Cayenne application as a dashboard. LGT92 device has successfully sent data to the gateway and is displayed on TTN which can be seen in the first picture.
But the problem is that the data on the TTN cannot be displayed on the Cayenne dashboard as shown in the second picture.
If we look at the data displayed on the Cayenne application, it is wrong data. please help me what should i do so that the data in TTN can be displayed on the dashboard.

can you share the DevEUI.

this is my friend

can you delete and re-add the device by seleting Dragino GPS Tracker LGT-92 v1.4

I’ve done this before but the registered DevEUI can’t be used anymore even though it’s been deleted. but if i register a new account, maybe i can add the same DevEUI. well i’ll give it a try friend

I’ve managed to do it. Thanks friends for your suggestions.

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