Garage Door Monitor using Cayenne


About This Project

The garage door monitor project was created because I often leave my house, drive half way to work and then think to myself, “Did I close the garage door ?”

What’s Connected

Using a magnetometer (within a GY-80 module), a Seeeduino Cloud (Arduino Yun compatible board) and Cayenne, I was able to create my own garage door monitor, and now I can look at my phone and see if my garage door is open or closed, from anywhere in the world.

Triggers & Alerts

This project relies heavily on virtual pins, and uses one trigger, which will alert me when the garage door opens. This is useful to know, especially if I am out and about and am not expecting it to open.


I did not use scheduling for this project, however, I do have a master switch to turn monitoring on or off manually. It would be relatively simple to set up a schedule to start and stop monitoring at certain times of the day.

Full tutorial and video

The full tutorial can be found here:
Garage Door Monitor Project Tutorial

Project Video

The project video can be found here:
YouTube Video of the Garage Door Monitor project

This project is quite versatile, and does not have to be limited to monitoring a garage door.
You could use it to

  • Safe-guard a cookie jar.
  • Get notified when a courier has picked up a package
  • Catch a person stealing your chair
  • Monitor other hinged doors in your house or workplace.

This project is relatively easy to complete.


Love it! Nice setup.



Thanks :slight_smile: