Get the coordinates in file plotted in the maps using Cayenne LPP


Hello! I’m very happy to use the integration between TTN and Cayenne to use a lopy with GPS.
I wonder if it is possible to get a file with the coordinates plotted in the MyDevices console?
I know this does not exist yet, but it would be very important for what I’m doing now.


Hi @ryanegs,

Thanks for the idea. Can you be more specific regarding this feature?
Are you looking to upload your own coordinates (from a CSV, KML, or GPX file), so they can be plotted on the map on your Cayenne Dashboard? Or are you looking for something else?



Thanks for the answer, @jcruz!
First of all, I’m sorry for the delay in answering. The company where I work has moved, and it took me all week.
I have already seen the new update in mydevices. She brought a new tab called “data” and that was more or less my suggestion.
However, the “value” field when the sensor is a gps does not show valid information. I think it should be latitude and longitude, but what it shows is a constant value.

Does this make sense or I am not using the tool correctly?
Thank you in advance, @jcruz!


Hi @ryanegs,

It seems like maybe this is a bug on our end. We are looking into this now.
We’ll let you know once we have a fix.



Ok @jcruz, I’m waiting for good news.


Hi @jcruz!
Something new?
I need this modification to finish my project.
Thank you im advence,


Hi @ryanegs,

Actually, we have a few fixes coming for the GPS widget.
Expect an update on Cayenne early next week.

Thanks for hanging in there.


Ok @jcruz, sorry for the inconvenience, but I need to present my project.
Thanks for answering
Waiting for update!