Gps map not showing

The Cayenne GPS tracking is not working. The map is not showing.
Coordinates are in the data, they are correct, but I tried from various browsers, and on various devices also using the public link to the project, and the map never shows anywhere.

Afterr a few hours, the map seems to be back

It is not working properly still, it starts in the middle of Africa, and does not center on the coordinates.

which device are you using to send the gps data.

The point is:
the map does not center. This is extremely annoying as you have to zoom out a dozen times, to center on the location, and zoom back in a dozen times. Every time you want to track…

the question is:

and do not create multiple topics . you can continue to ask all your question in one topic and it will be answered

This has nothing to do with the device, the coordinates are there, following Cayenne format.

The map, does not center.

Never mind…

well, for me to debug it depend on which device it is and might be not for you. For you it is just one device. for me i have to check whether it a lora device or an arduino or an raspberry pi agent.

I notices the same problem here. GPS coordinates arrive correctly in the data section. In the overview section they do not show up. This is a new error. A few days ago it still worked ok. Similar problem is with the android app. But the app is not showing the gps data on the map already since last year.

Now here is my setup: I am using thethingsnetwork with a Dragino lgt92 v1.5 device.
Do you need more info?
best regards from germany

you mention it was working few days back. so i guess, you are not sending correct data. can you private message me your devEUI.
We no longer support android app.

Hello, let me follow on this topic. I use Dragino GPS tracker LGT-92.

The same day, I can see my path in the map. But when I want to see history, map doesn’t show it even though the position data are still there.

What can be the root cause that even though data are present in Cayenne, they are not displayed in map?

Thank you.

map widget does not support history data.

Thank you for feedback.

However as all other widgets support history data could also map widget do it? As there is date selector on the map widget top, I guess front-end is ready for it and it is matter of backend implementation. Is there any intention for this functionality?

I believe it would be great feature.

Thank you in advace for consideration.

History feature won’t be added to the GPS widget.

Hi, I am experiencing a related issue with the GPS widget. As far as I can tell; cayenne is receiving correctly formatted data through TTN. However, the GPS map is just blank with nothing.
See pictures.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

can you try zooming out a bit on the map.

Same issue here. I’m using an Adafruit Feather 32U4 LoRa Radio board, sending GPS data through a MultiTech gateway, to TTN and then to Cayenne. The data is received properly and if you zoom out about 7 or 8 times, you can see the correct location, but the map really ought to center and zoom on the coordinates it receives. I’m viewing through the site on a Safari browser on a Mac.