Glitch in scheduling section?

I am trying to use the scheduler to turn an exhaust fan on every hour, and then input from a DHT22 humidity sensor will shut the fan off. However when I add the fan’s relay as the device in the scheduling box, the two “action” options I am given are reboot and shutdown. Conversely, if I select the device as shutdown or reboot, the options are “turn on” and “turn off.” So this just seems to be a bug and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’ve tried selecting “reboot” hoping that Cayenne will understand it as “turn on” but when I go to save the schedule I am told that it could not be saved, even though the event does show up. There is no action associated with that saved schedule however.
The humidity sensor works fine as a trigger for this relay and I can toggle all my relays manually - and any other way, except for on a schedule because of this issue. Thanks for any help.

are you using an arduino device or raspberry pi?

Sorry, I forgot to specify. Raspberry Pi 3

A screenshot in case this helps anything. I’m using the newest version of the agent.
I have a separate trigger to turn the fan on if a certain temperature is reached, which rarely happens. Would that be interfering? I tried shutting that off and still got the same problem.

yes, there is a bug with scheduler right now and team is working on it.

Ok, good to know. Do you know about how soon it will be resolved? Thanks.

we are working on it right now. can not give an ETA.

If you don’t mind me asking, how many people are experiencing serious bugs with this program? I just had some of my set triggers (which had previously worked fine) get completely ignored and literally almost burned my house down while I was at work. It seems to be not very usable to me but maybe I’m missing something vital. What good is it to add devices to the application if you can’t schedule or trigger events reliably?

Hi @stevencrayne2:

We are working on bringing scheduler support back. We are close, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

As for the triggers, we had a hiccup in our services that brought the trigger engine down temporarily. It has been restored now. However, Cayenne is not meant to run any critical application at the moment. We are under heavy development and that means things can at any given time, though we try our best to avoid that.

We plan to bring a paid version that users can use in a production environment. We will announce it when the time comes. We intend to keep Cayenne free for prototyping as it exists currently.