Scheduler send notifications about events which do not exist

I am using Raspberri pi 3.

Previously I had a schedule to trigger relays on/off at certain time.

I do not have those anymore but I still get messages about triggering relays on/off.

Also the scheduler/triggers did not work properly anymore and I am too frustrated to do everything again.

After the Pi Agent 2.0 nothing has worked properly. Cayenne had a good start but if the development continues like this it will be forgotten soon.

We are working on making cayenne perfect. We have some updates for pi agent 2.0 in upcoming next week.

31 october 2018 Sheduler is not work… do you do someting about this bug ?

not yet. we have some updates coming probably in December end or start of next year.

ok ! when can we use the shedule ?

have you given a try? Happy Holidays - New Cayenne Release!