GPS Devices added but no Map Widget loaded on Dashboard

I added and removed same device from dashboard, Rak wireless RAK811.
Now, I there is not the widget location (map) but only RSSI and SNR; at start there was map too.
Then I removed, by mistake, Map widget form dahboard
I can see RSSI and SNR updated from TTN.
I tried to remove and add device, change Dev EUI , but without success.
How can I restore widget Location (map) on my Cayenne Dashborad ?


@rsiegel or @bestes any ideas on restoring the widget?

Hi @rf1 – could you send the DevEUI for the device (the current one you’re trying to use?) Then I can look at the payloads we’re receiving and see if they are being decoded properly on our end, I’m guessing they are not and that’s why your map widget isn’t displaying. Once I see the state they are in, I can give you some more advice on what to try next.


DevUI : 013323E167DC958C

But I created a new account (for other reasons) and new Device (same lora node)
DevUI : 7400000000000099

This new device now works, but I think that I delete MAP, for mistake, then I can not restore/add the MAP on dashboard.