Select device field always disabled when add sensor

Hi All,

I am not sure if I missed some steps and it seems can’t select device when I add a sensor.

The DevEUI is 0080e1150500c49f.

Is there any suggestion? Thank you!


you cannot add a widget to a Lora device from the dashboard. you need to send appropriate cayenne LPP format to create the widget. Which device are you using?

I use an EK-S76SXB from Acsip in “The Things Network” group.
I also setup an myDevice Integration in TTN with Cayenne LPP format.

There is no any data showing on the dashboard after send the uplink frames.

which device you have select on the cayenne dashboard?

I have setup a device called “st50h-evb1”.

The DevEUI is “0080e1150500c49f”.
I try to drag the device into my dashboard project as below screenshot.

There is no any widget shown after some uplinks from the node.

BTW, I use “c2055a60-4d7b-4efc-9eab-0baf57e9c6e7” as “Process-ID” in TTN Integration.
How can I check the data was successfully passed to myDevice from TTN?
Thank you!

can you share a link of the device? Is it an analog/digital input device?

the data is received but it is not correct and is discarded.

device :


Not the cayenne link but the device manufacture website link.

I added a Acsip EK-S76SXB from LoRa/TTN menu.
I use ST50H to develop our application now.