GPS, no tracking line but only seperated points


I build this LoRa GPS tracker device, made from a Arduino pro mini, a LoRa transceiver RFM95 and a Ublox 6 GPS. The device sends every 20 sec. his longitude, latitude and altitude (total 11 bytes). The data, ( in LPP format) is available at TTN ( and with the help of the Cayenne integration also visible in my Cayenne dashboard.

On my smartphone I’ve also installed that nice Cayenne app and the tracks I made with the GPS device are clearly shown, no problems.


At my Cayenne dasboard, on the other hand, I only see seperated points and no tracking line.
Does anyone know why I only see these seperated point in my Cayenne dashboard?

Kind regards,

Found it…I was searching for the horse… while I was sitting on it, it’s in the map …:joy: