Overview map not showing historical GPS points

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  • Arduino Mega with Dragino GPS and Lora shields

  • Web, Chrome and Firefox

  • On 22 Jan I gathered data to test the range of two different gateway sites. During the day the gps tracks dislplay nicely on the Overview map in the Cayenne dashboard. However a day later it displays only the last GPS taken for the day. Moving the time frame slider to the left will make that point vanish, and reappear if the slider is moved right again however no other points display. If I use the date picker by clicking on the date and selecting a date then a busy icon appears and the application remains stuck until refreshed. The historical data is all present in the Data tab and can be filtered by time there.

currently, cayenne gps widget only support showing last position. if you want a tracking feature for your device then try our commercial product Iot in a Box Work with Us - myDevices

Thank you