GPS Tracking Map Issue (resolved)

Heltec ESP32v2 w/ GPS on Helium network

When I add my custom device with GPS coords it works great, with one exception. There are always two points on the map around Nigeria that show up. I’m in the USA and the location data looks good. I don’t see anything in the data that would cause this.

can you share you Deveui

This seems to have worked itself out. Between adding some code to ignore bad GPS fixes and deleting and recreating the dashboard everything is working great.

I have a similar issue. The GPS widget always starts with the map centered in the middle of the ocean east of Barbados in the Caribbean. However scrolling over to California on the map shows my accurate GPS location. Any idea why this is? I am thinking my previous GPS data saved is tainted with 0,0 coordinates or similar? Maybe because my lpp gps lat/long is 6 decimal places sent thru helium, but cayenne lat/long gps data shows 4 decimal places? if i send dummy 6 decimal place coordinates it works and centers the map on my coordinates. If i pass the gps coordinates straight from the neo6m gps variable (arduino/tinygps++), then the map does not center, however the location pin drop is displayed accurately. The map does not center on my last known GPS data…thx 6081F9E63ED476C3

I’m not 100% sure. The two things I did were:
Frist wrote code to prevent any 0.000000 coordinates from being transmitted. Then deleted the entire dashboard and started over. Issue hasn’t come back.

The confusing thing is that one of the locations wasn’t 0.00000. And my datalogging never showed any other weird coordinates like the map did.

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I’ll play around with the decimal places, that would be good to know.

ok my issue is resolved. this was happening because I had some 0,0 gps coordinate data in my past 24 hours. This put my map center between Africa and California. Once the new next day rolled over, and all my coordinates were valid, the map centers now. If anyone else has this problem, make sure you are not sending 0,0 or bad gps cordinates, then wait till the next 24 day for the map to reset.

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@jon @lagunacomputer thanks for finding a workaround solution for it.