Graph Data Gaps

Can anyone help me understand why I’m seeing gaps in the time of data being reported on my daily graph. (In the picture no data points show between 4:00 and 12:00) The sensor was attached and Pi was connected to the internet all this time.

Is it filtering these results out for a reason or is it an error?

This shouldn’t be happening if we’re receiving data, no. Perhaps it lost connection with the Cayenne server even if your internet connection was otherwise up and running during that time? Or it could just be a bug on our side.

Here is what I would try. Set up a trigger in Add New > Triggers to alert you via text message or email when the Arduino goes offline (from our server’s perspective, of course). If it coincides with the next time you see a gap in the graph like this, then that would be a reasonable explanation, and we can look into troubleshooting the connectivity.

If there is another gap like this and the trigger never fired to alert you that the Arduino was offline, then it’s likely an issue with our data logging, and we can investigate from that perspective.

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I actually see that in some of my graphs where I use sleep mode on the ESP. I can’t be certain that the esp came online but I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t.

I setup the online offline notifications. None for the last 24 hours but I’m still getting gaps in my graphs. It’s over multiple sensors the top here is a BMP180 measuring pressure the lower is a TSL2561. Both are connected to a raspberry Pi 3.

Also, interestingly in these time gaps I have been on my project at least a few times and have seen data coming in live and on the minuet/hour graph.