Line Chart Data Gaps

Have noticed this kind of effect over the last few days

win10 FFox or Chrome Linux F Fox or Chrome
The effect moves along and leaves a gap from approx 14th 11am > “Yesterday” at 1300 / 1pm
~ Andrew

can you PM me your account credentials related to this issue.

Here are creds for a Pi and python BYOD for the account
This seems to be growing into a 'No History after Aug 14th 11am till 13:00 hds ‘yesterday’
Soon there will be only half a days history viewable on trends back till the previous day 13:00 hrs

This bug exists on at least three separate accounts operating from around here in NZ.

~ Andrew

Device Name
a Raspberry Pi 3b 4f
Device Icon
MQTT Username
MQTT Password
Client ID

Device Name
a Raspberry Pi 3b 4f 35
Device Icon
Raspberry Pi
IP Address
Agent Version
Computer Make
Element14/Premier Farnell
Computer Model
Raspberry Pi Zero W
OS Name
OS Version

Per e-mail just sent
~ A

can you private message me your email id for this account

i have the same problem, also a friend has it to.
also when i choose the “day” no data is returned.

I would be interested to know if you have the following similar / same effect related to your time zone / GMT etc.

The next bit is a bit confusing… :slight_smile:

I find I can use the w = week view on plots as this gives me approax back till “mid day today yesterday GMT” which is actually yesterday NZ time as we are just inside the date line here. IN NZ we are 12 hrs in front of GMT. This might be half useful for now ?

You might faind also like here that using ‘custom’ and choosing 'today <> today custom date range actually gives me 36 to 48 hours of data including most of it from yesterdays date.

Here is screen grab:

There seems to be no data to export from this history black hole also…
Hope these symptoms can help them sort this out.
~ A

Day view has started working again…
Thanks team
~ A