Gaps in displayed / logged data

I have an application on TTN that has several devices (feather m0 LoRa) sending data each minute. Over the last approximately 1 month there have been several day(s) long gaps in the Cayenne displayed and logged data. I had assumed that the gateway went down but after reviewing the history logs for the devices for one of the days in question I see that TTN Data Storage has all of the data intact. So it appears there is some kind of disconnection between TTN and Cayenne but I don’t know why it’s happening or how to fix it. The most recent dropouts occurred on February 4th and February 7th.

So now, data that was previously logged has disappeared. In the first chart above, there is a peak around February 5-6 , then a dropout, then another peak at February 7-8.

If I try to retrieve the data for this time period again today, the peak at February 7-8 is completely missing in the data.

So where is the data that was originally logged going? Is it lost at this point? Is all future data at risk of randomly disappearing as well?

we have shortened the data history period to one month hence you get the averaged value.
if you need precise data and a long data history period then you need to use the cayenne commercial platform myDevices | Simplify Sensor Deployments

The data that are now missing are from less than a week ago - February 7-8 of 2021 - what does shortening the data history to one month have to do with that?

I understand that there are limitations to what can be expected from a free service, but the loss of data from less than a week ago doesn’t seem to be explained by the policy you are stating. The data was there four days ago and now is gone.

Also, there is still the issue of data gaps (within the last 30 days).

you are sending data every minute so for one day it is 1440 data points and for one month 43k points. How can all points fit on the graph?
Did you check the data tab? is the device history missing from there also?

Yes there is a gap in the data history. The data from February 7-8 which had to be there when the first plot above was made four days ago is now missing from the data history.

I understand that the Overview plots have always used different time resolutions, i.e., for the 1 week or 1 month periods there is only one data point per hour (I don’t think that this is an average btw). The day, hour, and minute overview plots had included data from each minute previously.

But data seems to be disappearing creating gaps in the history - a complete loss of data, not just a reduction in frequency of storage to data at one hour intervals.

can you PM me your email address and the DevEUI so i can check whether there was any data received on the above dates.

yes - sent

Now the data between 2/5 and 2/13 appears to be gone.

I removed and added back in one of the devices that was showing gaps and disappearing data. Now the Overview Plot indicates “no data available for this period” for any of the time frames selected (m h d w 1mo) except Live. It has been behaving like this for two days. If the Live Overview is left open it shows data coming in and the Data view also shows that there is data being received and stored for the device since the time that it was re-added.

Per other posts and observations on various browsers and OS I noted the day view is not working at all. but m,h,week and month is mostly there. The custom view seems to Only pick up data from GMT 'Yesterday → today present day and time quite nicely and works consistently but only up to the last 48 hours. But there is no history before that that can be selected. E.g. between 4 days ago and 2 days ago.

Happy to test anything out for you from ‘NZ Time ~ GMT +13 ~ Summer Time’

The one month of data I feel is quite reasonable and ‘fair use’ for a great free service thanks !
Perhaps just needs this bug chased out since things were pruned back ?