No data available except for hourly data


it’s a long time now that I can’t see graph data except for hourly data.
I mean, if I click on “d, 1mo, 3mo…” I always get the error “no data available”.
I have two raspberry and one ESP8266 that regularly send data (I can see realtime values through several gauges).
What should I check?
Thank you, regards.


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I have the same issue. One thing to add, I notice all the charts besides the hourly and custom have a min and max date both set to “Jan 01 1:00 AM” when they attempt to render, resulting in the data not being found.

Furthermore the x-axis dates in the custom chart only seem to go back 30 hours, no matter what start and end dates I select.

same problem on all my devices.
All hystoric data is gone / lost, or not accesable.

unfortunately this has been going on for a long time . since last autumn in fact. the data is there and will sometimes display. for example select custom graph with start and end today and you will see the last 24 hours. so it seems to be a display issue. total inaction and zero comments from the developers though which is a shame.

i hope the history data is not gone.
sure it is a free service site, but still hope fo a solution.

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I have been able to see my data in the charts for about 2 weeks now. It looks like this issue has been fixed. :grinning:

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