How to get the data from my sensors? myDevice Support is not resonding

I have tested cayenne several years ago and now again and I always struggle to get the sensor data out of mydevices to use it within our own Sensor Application. At the beginning there was no API at all and now it was depreciated. I have clicked the button “create app” in cayenne as it was documented to start IOTinaBox but nothing happens. I have written several Mails to mydevices but no answer. Is this company dead? should I find another solution?

All I need is a hub to connect different Sensors where it will be managed and the data stored. Today I have a database for every sensor manufactorer and to get the data I have for each one a spezific API.

With cayenne I was hoping to create a Hub where all data is send and stored and through an API I can get the data to my system.

the API is depreciated. So what more you want to know?

I need a way to get out the data from my sensors. We have a dashboard and reporting system of all sensors. If I could use a REST Get request to get the latest data of all sensors I would be happy.

here is the answer again. thats all.

OK so then I guess mydevices will not work for me. I was confused because on the webpage it looked like that mydevices has a business solution.

Never mind, I start search another IoT Plattform

if you have any parter plans, then fill up the form on that page.