It would be great if you would consider tying into the IFTTT Platform. We use this for a lot of other things right now and it would allow access to a ton of channels for high profile devices

Integration with other services

Hey Matt,

That’s a really good idea! Just out of curiosity, what high priority devices/services would you be using?



We currently use IFTTT to tie into many things, including whole home automation systems, LiFX, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Dash, Geolocation, Amazion Echo (voice for voice commands), etc


I know I’m necro’ing an old topic, but I too would be interested in an IFTTT side of cayenne. I recently recieved an Amazon Echo for graduation and I’ve been wanting a way to use it to control my lights I have hooked up my relay.
The relay obviously being controlled by a Pi model B+ with Cayenne running on it. I could of course buy the phillips hue, but they don’t make small desk lights and they’re fairly expensive just for 2 bulbs. I feel like some sort of integration with Echo or a platform that the echo uses would be pretty cool.


I have to agree with Matt on this one. Services using IFTTT as the middle-ware are in my book legit and worth buying their products. My use case right now for IFTTT with Cayenne would be to use Cisco Spark rooms to send commands to my Cayenne controlled devices. (i.e. send a message from a Cisco Spark room to turn on light switch, then route the command via IFTTT to Cayenne).


@josh1 @Schnell I have an echo too :slight_smile:

This is something that will have to wait until after we complete the Cayenne API (in 1 -2 months?). I do see that IFTTT has a developer platform in private Beta. Once we complete Cayenne API, I can research what it would take for Cayenne to integrate with IFTTT. The API is necessary before starting integration with IFTTT.




That is very exciting actually, something I’ve been meaning to ask about as well when I first got invited. Are there any links to information about the API? Like who will be able to use it, what it can be used for, difficulty of using it, etc?


+1 … plus five or more characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Will be a RESTful API. Can be used for bringing in data from third party and displaying on Cayenne dashboard widget, and also taking data generated from Cayenne to third party. Will be other features as well. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible. This is a high priority item for the Cayenne team.



@ccsasin @Schnell @josh1 @matt Hey guys, I just found this and haven’t had time to look into it, but maybe one of you do :slight_smile:


You may be able to use the Cayenne Arduino integration and make calls to the IFTTT maker channel. If you are able to get something going, let me know!



Any news on this topic?

I have a NETATMO thermostat that can be controlled by IFTTT and send notifications to IFTTT.

Integrating with Cayenne could be very useful.

The maker channel looks very easy to use and adapt - a simple web request in either direction.

see https://ifttt.com/maker

From device to IFTTT can be coded on the device, though adding as a cayenne trigger would be better.
From IFTTT to device needs a web server to receive the request.


+1 for IFTTT integration BUT It could be better to have finally independent platform.

Could you please add Trigger feature be able to receive external URL call (like IFTTT Maker) ?
And add Then action to call an external URL ?

I think this two points are not so difficult to do and could be delivered before the API !

(Many thanks for your platform, good job !)


I am using Cayenne to control my blinds and lights and IFTTT + Amazon Dot would mean be very usefull to make blinds go Up, Down or Stop as well as Lights On & Off.


Hi guys, I just want to add my +1 here too, but as @idumaire says, just being able to call an external url from a trigger would do the trick.

It would open up a whole world of integration possibilities.


Hi there!
Do we have any update about IFTTT integration?

(@bestes I really apreciate what you are doing for the community)