History in Cayenne App Android and Apple

Attached should be 5 screenshots of the same history sample. The Window 10 shot of 24 hours of history of 15 second samples shows a unique pattern, but when I try to look at the same thing on the Android App, the 1 hour version looks fine, but the 1 day version only gets me about 8 or 10 hours of history. It starts at the correct time 24 hours ago on the left, but it ends about 14 hours ago on the right, and only gives the 10 hours on the screen.

The Apple version of the App is kind of useless on this area. First, time moves forward from the right to the left (opposite of the other two displays), and while the scale looks fine at the bottom, it only shows 7 points with extravagant curve fitting so who knows if the data is correct??

Data collected with 8266, using at mqtt program updating on 15 second intervals.

Dashboards are Windows 10 with Chrome browser, Samsung S7 with App version 1.3.3-89, and IPad Mini with App version v2.1.0(200.1.12)

1 Day version doesn’t word on Android.

@rsiegel any known issues with this?