History not working?

I cannot find any history since August 31 Midnight GMT.

Last data point on my Mountain Time Clock:

Fri Aug 31 2018 23:59:59 GMT+0000 (UTC) - 1759.59

Current values are still updating fine.

Same here

Same here all accounts seem to have stopped storing (or being able to) access History / Trend ‘Data’
Do we have to pay for this now ?
~ Andrew

For me the same, I already thought that something in the device was raining …

@jameszahary @francoisgervais @picaxe @xbary

What device are you all using, and what connection method?

For me the same, I use generic MQTT

It’s a raspberry pi through mqtt.

It’s that project: Air conditioner on/off control (raspberry pi)

Is seems to be posting fine and the widgets are updating correctly.

Its back ! :grinning:

Sun Sep 02 2018 15:55:55 GMT+0000 (UTC) 955.54 9:55:55 AM

Sorry guys for the inconvenience caused. we had an technical issue and it is solved now.

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This is my code, I do not use the Cayenne.loop main loop, and create a cayenne object by the new operator. That’s why, because when the internet connection is broken, my “xbOS” automatically disables tasks that use the Internet until you reconnect.

but I already have to communicate that it works.

Thanks for prompt return to normal transmission…
Have to say the custom / ‘Data’ options within projects is now very good esp with the ability for hh:mm:ss plus usual date select options. If you have not seen this in action then go have a play everyone !
Perhaps this level of search / custom time hh:mm:ss + date might migrate to the standard Custom Line Chart ?
~ Andrew

@picaxe, no hh:mm:ss but there is an option for custom date on the line chart.

Since daylight saving (summer time) clock adjustment in NZ the custom history feature returns only a max of last 24 hours max. Weekly history is there:
(mV solar / LiPO PV in mVolts)
But when attempting to retrieve one or a few days history I can only get the last ~24hrs OR a mixed up display a bit like this:

This is the same on various win 10 and older OS and on FFox and Chrome.
As above I suspect just a chance that daylight saving herre in nz (summer time) ‘may’ be messing with the engine as we are GMT -12 hours standard time - 1h extra that may confuse something ?
~ Andrew

@picaxe we will look into this issue. can you PM me your account email_id.

several Pi 3 Systemsall with pretty up to date / fresh Pi OS
The History is either missing or sometimes mixed with present last 24 hours with a big gap. See screen grabs below. This is same for Pi standard projects and MQTT Pi > Python generated projects.
Only thing I suspect is the dailight saving change over in NZ about the same time that may place some of the code the other side of the date line as we are in effect +13 hrs on GMT / UTC ?!?
Long shot… but that could be misleading / coincidence all the same ?
~ Andrew

we will look into the issue.